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It's more fun in the philipines

What makes me wanna tell u about Philipines

Data,First of all, I saw traffic from North America, the Middle East, and even Hong Kong.So that encouraged me to create even more, even though the website was only set up for a few days. Then I also need to keep updating the content.According to Google's SEO algorithm. Content is king.But about life in the Philippines.Chinese people have Chinese stories, Koreans have Korean stories, and Japanese have Japanese stories. Americans have their own stories, but they all have their own special language.Then I want to analyze some of my special experiences and come up with them.One that can cross the language barrier.So I plan to write articles in Korean, Japanese and even other languages in the future.To find out what they're focused on.

What do tourists do in the Philippines?

First of all, it must be an attractive island. After all, there is no industrialization and pollution, and it is a paradise for human beings.These islands are very special anyway.Metro Manila is also a nice city.

Although it is not rich, the natural landscape is very beautiful.Like Boracay, Bohol and other places.Being there can really make you forget all your troubles.Especially the way I felt the last time I went Pureto Galera,It's not very famous like palawan.But over there.Riding a motorcycle on a dark mountain road at night.Looking at the scattered coast area and lights,Sometimes I can pass through an area full of frog,It's like being in a Disney wonderland. Although it is not as busy as the city, it is very comfortable.