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The Full Story关于网站的故事


我在这边也算是华侨了,因为毕竟有这边的永居,在这边待了好几年,处理了很多业务。以前我一直以为酒香不怕巷子深。但是我错了,在这个时代必须要推广和营销。包括之前打假被别人诽谤加诬陷,就更坚定了,我要做好这个网站的想法,让大家可以通过这个平台来交流想法,意见避免被别人洗脑忽悠。I am considered an overseas Chinese here, because after all, I have a permanent residence here. I have been here for several years and have handled a lot of business. I used to think that the aroma of wine is not afraid of deep alleys. But I was wrong. Promotion and marketing are necessary in this era. Including being slandered and framed by others before cracking down on fakes, I am even more determined. I want to make the idea of ​​this website so that everyone can exchange ideas through this platform and avoid being brainwashed and fooled by others.


就像冯小刚的电影,天下无贼一样。正是因为菲律宾这边有太多的这种坑蒙拐骗了。所以我想创立这个网站。一方面给大家DIY的指导建议,另一方面给大家专业的服务。你希望菲律宾这边天下无坑。或者认识我能够远离坑。Just like Feng Xiaogang's movie, A World Without Thieves. It is precisely because this story has such a deceit. So I want to create this website. I will give you DIY guidance and suggestions, and give everyone a professional. Serve. You hope there is no pit in this world. Or know me to stay away from the pit.


能够帮助更多中国人借由菲律宾为跳板移民,留学或去往发达国家,海外。摆脱对BC行业的经济和资源依赖,彻底焕发新生。如同凤凰涅槃一样。帮助更多的中国人在菲律宾这边安家立业,找寻真爱。帮助更多在这边被坑被骗的人早日回国。救助这边被卖被绑架的人。做好移民局大使馆,第三方国家签证等各种业务。帮助他人以低成本高性价比的方式圆梦。It can help more Chinese people use the Philippines as a springboard to immigrate, study abroad or go to developed countries or overseas. Get rid of the dependence on the economy and resources of the BC industry and completely rejuvenate. Just like the phoenix nirvana. Help more Chinese people set up their homes in the Philippines and find true love. Help more people who have been deceived here to return home as soon as possible. Rescue the people who were sold and kidnapped here. Do a good job in immigration, embassy, ​​third-party country visas and other services. Help others realize their dreams in a cost-effective and cost-effective way.

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